Hi, I am Gill

I work with individuals to create positive change in their lives, a lot of whom are either leading their own business or are in the beginning stages of looking to do so.

“As I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth. Today I know this as AUTHENTICITY. “

Charlie Chaplin, Aged 70

For me, success comes from wisdom. My unique style of personal coaching and mentoring inspires ultimate creativity and performance, whilst enabling my clients to become truly happy with who they are, and dare I say it… Getting playful with that.

Everything is connected; relationship fulfilment, taking courageous action, development of spiritual wellbeing and taking responsibility for win-win life choices. 

When I say relationships, I mean those with loved ones, clients, team members and especially the one with oneself. 

My ultimate vision is to help you awaken into your true potential, so you feel content, focused and crystal clear on your goals. Together we will unravel and clear out any unhelpful patterns of behaviour and communication, enabling you to step forward with clarity and confidence.

You will feel abundance in every aspect of your life, you will earn more money and with ease and grace.  You will feel heard, acknowledged and experience total self-love and acceptance. Any challenge that you are facing right now can be resolved and you can achieve hugely positive outcomes.

I have previously implemented success programmes within SME’s and larger organisations and now have several coaching and mentoring packages for individuals, to enable people like you to expand your self-awareness, enjoy all relationships and reach full potential in businesses performance and your personal life. 

Everything I do relates to confidence, communication and connection. 

Together we can help you to find absolute clarity, courage and ultimately the pathway to the life you wish to lead.

Gill Kirkham

Change facilitator

My Passion

My tools and techniques expand beyond just business knowhow.  I studied extensively to find what really worked for me and what has worked for countless clients since. I studied, but was not satisfied with, techniques including EFT, NLP and hypnotherapy, for long term change. I went deeper…

I’m an Usui Reiki Practitioner, an Angelic Healing Practioner, a Sayer Method Practioner and have developed my own methods of clearing unhelpful energy, healing and activating my client’s inner gifts to engage with their soul purpose.

When required I read into my clients’ energy, intuitively. This helps them move through emotions and situations, raising their frequency to attract higher experiences and more rewarding human connection. 

I have also trained in transference healing, channelling, mediumship, psychic skills, emotional intelligence, sub-conscious reprogramming and the deeper version of the law of attraction, Shamanism, metaphysics of the body and how to remove ailments. I can communicate with multi-dimensional energy and work with the quantum field to shift into your zone of genius and personal bliss.

As energy travels, regardless of time and space, I have worked and continue to work with clients across the world through online and remote connection. 

My absolute passion is to facilitate the expansion of consciousness, resulting in a heightened self-awareness, which allows the capacity to form deeply sensual and compassionate relationships and also to reform bonds that may once have felt broken.

Often the clients who find me are looking for a sounding board, someone they can trust. Others want to deepen their sense of completion, heal both emotionally and physically and embrace their inner gifts and sense of purpose, whilst accelerating business success.

As my client, you will thrive in new perspectives, with the emphasis on taking inspired action. This leads to a much better state of well being and a feeling of a balanced and abundant life.

Intrigued? Let me explain a little further

Energy is an invisible force which surrounds us all; it intrinsically links our physical, emotional, mental and energetic self. You are worthy of everything you desire; you have infinite powers; nothing in life is a coincidence. You are the creator and master of your own world.

The opportunities that present themselves in business and relationships are a reflection of your consciousness, your value system and how definitive your decision-making is. We will work together to raise through the chaos, to achieve clarity and for you to become more conscious of your gifts, your value and purpose.

My background of business consultancy, property development, sales and marketing, coupled a series of painful and unfortunate events lead to a desire to seek to understand every aspect of human behaviour and consciousness. After over 15 years of extensive spiritual and personal development, I want to share my realisations and knowledge to help others to expand their consciousness and achieve fulfilment.

I was diagnosed with ADD and Dyspraxia and I now identify these traits as aspects of my superpowers rather than labels. These mean that I have a heightened awareness of the invisible forces at work and can channel them for positive change. I can read and move energy and emotional blocks that may cause blind spots in mindset and thinking and can help you to reach the answers you are looking for, in order to feel alive and in your zone of genius. My skillset is extraordinarily expansive and I can teach you all the tools to enable you to reach your full potential.

The process

7 steps to your success


Unravel your past, gain clarity on your limiting beliefs and get these removed


Breakthrough by re-programming your subconscious and CORE themes


Create a daily practice to powerfully start and end each day


Discover who you really are, transform your message into lessons, products, programs for your life or current business


Learn how to manage your energetic vibrations and how to live in an expansive environment and attract the right people


Build a system and client processes


Powerfully communicate, present, and speak your offer effectively


To connect and teach hundreds of thousands of people how to access their gifts, themes, programs and inner healer and reach their infinite potential.

Expect to:

  • Feel healed held and reach your highest potential
  • Embody your true ‘Why’
  • Communicate like you are in true flow all the time
  • Transform chaos and overwhelm to clarity and peace
  • Step into your abundant mindset
  • Step into your genius and gifts
  • Learn to listen to the burning desire
  • Let go of all self-judgment
  • Realise why you have been searching so hard
  • Free yourself of conditional and co-dependant relationships
  • Be ready or in an interdependent relationship
  • Create the business of your dreams
  • Be the leader that changes the world


  • Breakthrough the limiting beliefs 
  • Align with your true values 
  • Become an intuition led being, so you can infinitely innovate and create the life you love 
  • Reshape your current leadership, communication and connection within professional and personal life 
  • Self-heal and rejuvenate your emotional, energetic, mind and physical health 
  • Create routines, mantra and daily practices that make the infinite space to step into your spiritual zone of genius 
  • Release, remove and clear any emotions, dependencies stress and trauma that is holding you back 
  • Find your life’s purpose,  
  • Fulfil the need to live in your full potential and gifts  
  • Become the creator of your world and make a difference to the planet 
  • Update your best processes for team and clients 
  • Powerfully find your network and ideal clients so they come to you and you rise together


  • If you always use the ‘b’ word ‘busy’, the wins are dis-proportionately small to the energy it takes to get there, and you could be achieving so much more then… This is for you!
  • If you are physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally not at your best… This is for you!
  • If you get stopped from fulfilling your dreams because of lack of confusion, overwhelm, and financial concerns…This is for you!
  • If you’re tired of doing it all by yourself…This is for you!
  • If you’re ready to be the highest expression of who you were designed to be… This is for you!
  • If your inner knowing is awakening and you would like to explore that with like-minded people… This is for you!

A list of my services

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Transformational Events
  • Focus, Support and Communication
  • Business Strategy and Continuous Next Steps
  • Unique Style of Deep and Responsive Energy Healing
  • Spiritual Enhancement and Purpose Finding
  • Daily Tasks and Routines
  • Guided Activation Meditations