Find Absolute Clarity

Feel fulfilled, confident and live true to your passion and potential.
Transform to live in flow and with purpose.

I’m Gill Kirkham,

The secrets of happiness business-wise and in relationships are already yours. It is my work and absolute passion to find the juiciness together and gently squeeze it into fruition with you.

Life is about choices and if you are feeling 100% true to yourself there is a whole new expansive experience just the other side of an invisible window. If you are looking to move through that window then it is time to find a coach and facilitator who will support your journey of self-discovery and make transformations possible. This is where I come in. Ta daaa! 

It all begins with clarity, maybe some healing and definitely some devotion to yourself. Together we will free you of any self-limiting beliefs and unlock the opportunity for deeper and more connected relationships. You will feel inspired more often to make  laser-focused purposeful decisions in business  and release whatever it is which was holding you back


There are many ways to work with me. One to one coaching over Zoom or face to face.  My membership site LUMINOUS, which has 4 monthly live sessions and is a unique way to bring you everything that you need and a wonderful community. On this website, you can purchase 4 meditations that will help you connect with yourself and know if you would like to work with me further.  Meditation is a gateway to connecting with your heart. The more freely you do this, the more you connect with your Zone of Genius, perform higher and feel fulfilled 

I offer a 20-minute Discovery Call  – Book in ASAP if you are considering working with me. 

My current Keywords for LUMINOUS are Playful Passionate Progress. We live in what feels like a very serious world and we sometimes forget to connect with our personal joy and I am all for bringing that back as a priority! 

Ready to Breakthrough?

The best place to begin is with a Discovery Call. In an initial free 20 minute call, we will establish your current position and I will give you an insight into what is showing up and how we can move you forward. My ability to read energy creates linear pathways of information, through what may currently feel like a fog to you. We will discuss the coaching and packages available for you to begin your next chapter. 

Click here to book in your Discovery call.

A Little Gift of Wonderfulness

Download my free 16 point guide to communication for ultra self-awareness and ease, even in the trickiest conversations.

This ebook is born out of 20 years high-level sales, marketing and management consulting. This experience, plus a personal requirement to be tuned with people with neurodiversity and mental illness over the years, has enabled learnings which can transform the way you communicate to create greater understanding in every conversation.

If you feel you are not being heard, are struggling in a relationship or simply would like to enhance your communication skills with your partner, family, friends or in business, then download this ebook, as a gift from me.


16 HOT Communication Tips

Knowing what to say and how to communicate effectively to achieve your desired outcome, is a process with subtle, powerful and extremely significant nuances. I have written this ebook, based on 20 years of sales and marketing and 14 years of deep self-development experience.

Simple techniques make all the difference 

about me

I’m Gill Kirkham, a highly intuitive, and insightful coach and mentor who will help you ​move through chaos into clarity and shift into the life you are here to create.

“My life changed in the first session and I haven’t looked back”   Yolanda

”At first, I thought the homework was simple and basic and questioned what was the point? Then the changes in me were phenomenal” Sarah