Work with me and expect to:

  • Feel healed, held and reach your highest potential
  • To connect deeply with the correct relationships for you 
  • Embody your true ‘Why’
  • Communicate like you are in absolute flow
  • Transform chaos and overwhelm to clarity and peace
  • Step into your abundant mindset
  • Step into your genius and gifts
  • Learn to listen to the burning desire
  • Let go of  self-judgement
  • Realise why you have been searching so hard
  • Free yourself of conditional and co-dependant relationships
  • Create the business and clients connections you  have always intended
  • Be the leader
  • Breakthrough any limiting beliefs 
  • Align with your true values 
  • Become an intuition led being, so you can infinitely innovate and create a life you love 
  • Reshape your current leadership, communication and connection within professional and personal life 
  • Self-heal and rejuvenate your emotional, energetic, mental and physical health 
  • Create routines, mantra and daily practices that create space, enabling you to step into your zone of genius 
  • Release, remove and clear any emotions, dependencies, stress and trauma that is holding you back 
  • Find your life’s purpose,  
  • Fulfil the need to live in your full potential and gifts  
  • Become the creator of your world and make a difference to the planet 
  • Update your working processes for optimal performance
  • Powerfully find your network and ideal clients, so they come to you and you rise together


Unravel your past, gain clarity on your limiting beliefs and get these removed

Absolute Clarity in 90 Days

2 x 90 minute bi-weekly, face to face or online Zoom sessions tailored specifically to you.

Initial 120 minute breakthrough session to highlight your vision and what you would like to achieve

Personalised Meditation if suitable

Accountability calls on request. 24 hour messaging and emergency calls also available.

Sessions recorded if you wish, so you can be present and feel into every moment of our session then listen to playback for the nuances.

Specific homework to help you redirect limiting or negative beliefs and patterns and reach your full potential. 

Book in a Discovery call today to get absolute clarity and discuss options 

30 Day Breakthrough Shift

Transform  Heal and Activate 

90 Minutes of breakthrough 

21 Day Personalised Activation Meditations

30 Minute  update Session 

Personal Growth Mission Tasks 

Contact with me as your coach for the duration 

Access to Luminous Collective for a month

Access to  Activation Meditations

7 steps to your success

1.Unravel your past, gain clarity on your limiting beliefs and get these removed

2.Breakthrough by re-programming your subconscious and CORE themes

3.Create a daily practice to powerfully start and end each day

4.Discover who you really are, transform your message into lessons, products,  programs for your life or business

5.Learn how to manage your energetic vibrations and how to live in an expansive environment, attracting the right people

6.Build a system approach to life and to your business

7. Powerfully communicate, present, and speak your truth effectivel

Client Transformations

There has been a total shift in me. I feel at peace. Things are easy. Life is flowing. Less judgement of myself – so much less in fact!  More confidence, more clarity on where I am going in my life and with my business. Probably the best of all – no panic!

I realise I was panicking about everything; my business, my finances and the biggest fear of all; my love life and the engulfed with fear; ‘’No one wants me. What’s wrong with me? I hate men.’’

That’s gone. Boom. And I am just ‘being’. I didn’t really know what that meant before, but I guess it means just living in the moment and being secure that everything is ok, today, tomorrow and always.

Lynsey McDonald

Founder of Sculpt

Before I met Gill, I was successful in my own right, and now in just 3 sessions my business it literally booming, and I feel so much more empowered to go to the next level.

I have never had any kind of coaching before and was nervous. I can honestly say I am thriving, looking forward to the sessions and genuinely discovering things about myself which are turning my life around from the inside out.



She is insightful, but never judges. Gill makes what can be very challenging a journey of positive discovery that is enlightening and so helpful for future growth. I highly recommend.

Mark Bickerton


Before working with Gill I was struggling with every aspect of my life I can honestly say that I am now excited about life and what I am going to create within it, which is something I never thought possible. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Alice Baker


Client Review Following One Session

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