Business Accelerator

Are you looking to expand your business, raise finance, scale-up, improve communication and attract more clients?

Do you wish for a surge in confidence and courageous action?

Is there an element where you are feeling emotionally stuck?

Do you find yourself hiding and just doing the things that you are good at and it is painful? 

Is the worst thing that relationships with people and money are affected?

This 7-week course will dive into the detail of your relationship with yourself, clients and finances. 

I read your energy and shift through emotional blocks alongside the practical training 

A must for entrepreneurs who are wishing to create good in the world and are ready to receive significant support 

Be ready to feel focused and open for massive growth

My passion is in the detail and energy of communication and connection, and my background is 20 years of successful sales and marketing.

Imagine that mixed with what you already know you are capable of.


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Group 1 Business Owners, Solopreneurs and Startups! 

Monday   7.30 pm – 9.30pm
Group 2   Healers, Coaches, Trainers, 
Tuesday  2 pm – 4. pm
Recordings available for extra care 

Group weekly live online coaching.

Specifically designed for individuals who require practical support, energetic shifts and accountability whilst being focused on business growth

Create more flow of happiness, productivity and profit

Experiential training to optimise your gifts, and performance.

Get on track and feel completely motivated and ‘in flow’.

This is not just a live steam workshop setting there will be a chance to ask questions specific to you and I can read your energy in the moment to help you intuitively.

Week 1  OLD STORY – From Fixer to Focus, Following a knowledge of people that like to fix things this session captures the version of you that is scattered in old patterns to lead you into optimum focus 

Week 2  FUTURE SELF – A  mini-workshop on to find absolute clarity on 3 aspects of your life that you want to move forward in

Week 3  TIME – Respect your time and watch how it works for you. ( A simple bulletproof weekly system for you to follow for the next 5 weeks to accelerate your health, wealth and happiness)   

Week 4 MONEY – Learning on the subconscious programs and thoughts which require releasing to shift you into an abundance mindset. Energetic Abundance Meditation which will shape your new reality to clear the energy for money to here for you unconditionally. 

Week 5 COMMUNICATION – Drilling into the detail of the language and style you communicate with yourself and clients. Asking you how visible you are allowing yourself to be and ensuring you take next-level action. 

Week 6 CLIENT JOURNEY – Check in on your internal processes. The key to repeated successful sales over and over again.

Week 7 PERSONAL PLAN – A linear plan to create your next 3 months of growth and development

Watch my client Harps and her review of the 2019 course!

What to do next...

1. Book a 30-minute Discovery Video Call to see if this course is for you:

2. Book a place using the form below for £790 0r 2 x £400

Booking will provide you with:

  • Access to the group coaching private Facebook group
  • My monthly activation meditations for 2 months
  • 24-hour email access to me for any questions.

Client Transformations

There has been a total shift in me. I feel at peace. Things are easy. Life is flowing. Less judgement of myself – so much less in fact!  More confidence, more clarity on where I am going in my life and with my business. Probably the best of all – no panic!

I realise I was panicking about everything; my business, my finances and the biggest fear of all; my love life and the engulfed with fear; ‘’No one wants me. What’s wrong with me? I hate men.’’

That’s gone. Boom. And I am just ‘being’. I didn’t really know what that meant before, but I guess it means just living in the moment and being secure that everything is ok, today, tomorrow and always.

Lynsey McDonald

Founder of Sculpt

Before I met Gill, I was successful in my own right, and now in just 3 sessions my business it literally booming, and I feel so much more empowered to go to the next level.

I have never had any kind of coaching before and was nervous. I can honestly say I am thriving, looking forward to the sessions and genuinely discovering things about myself which are turning my life around from the inside out.



She is insightful, but never judges. Gill makes what can be very challenging a journey of positive discovery that is enlightening and so helpful for future growth. I highly recommend.

Mark Bickerton


Before working with Gill I was struggling with every aspect of my life I can honestly say that I am now excited about life and what I am going to create within it, which is something I never thought possible. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Alice Baker