Meditation for Significant Powerful Change

Learn to Meditate, Self-Heal and Activate Your Intuition

You have tried to meditate, and it is just not working? Or you have harnessed the power of that deeper sense of connection and you want it all to be simple and significant and enjoyable

Increase Performance

Science proves meditation provides immense benefits to our minds. Increase your focus, tune out distractions and increase productivity.

Mental Clarity

When your mind is clear and body relaxed, you access information, both internal and external, that can help make better decisions

Sleep Better

To be less in our head at bedtime means to more aware of the present moment. Acknowledged and pause the stream of thoughts then fall into inner peace

Less Stress

Stress can have serious repercussions on our health. Anxiety overwhelm and nervous energy can be reduced in the moment and long term with practice

Manage your Time

With regular meditation, you will be able to do more work within the same amount of time and feel at peace enough to stick to a plan you choose

More Sensual Sex

Sexual desire, awareness of internal body responses, better mood receptors  and mindfulness are all enhanced with meditation practice

Reduce Headaches

Activate your inner healer, as your self-awareness grows headaches migraines and even more ailments feel are all reduced significantly

Feel Purposeful

Find your appreciation for life, you bliss and enter your

‘Zone of Genius’ as they say in Quantum Physics

Live your life on purpose

Discover Unity Meditation

A superconscious Tool Kit that will change your life

"This connection has altered my reality entirely and set in motion a series of events which I know is putting me straight on purpose at turbo speed"
"Since working with Gill in a short space of time I have moved three major areas forward in my business"
"I am much freer around what people say Now I am more confident than ever and feel like a whole human, and feel spiritually connected and embrace it rather than question it..."

Unity Meditation for businesses

Training Days

Mindset change, empowerment and new ways to feel completely in your zone of genius. Facilitation of Unity Meditation and Bespoke Workshop training to you and your team


To be in a place of serenity and feel completely alive, whilst learning all about your intuitive gift mixed in with 3 styles of workshops, relationship of business or discovering you in the most immersive and interactive ways

Invite me to speak

I have a certain set of skills that means all of my audiences feel their way rather than think their way through the experience. Light bulb moments, fun and tools and techniques to take away. Invite me to speak in the well being arena


Look out for many workshops around Conscious relationships, Abundance and Purpose