Blue Moon Abundance Activation Meditation

||Blue Moon Abundance Activation Meditation

Blue Moon Abundance Activation Meditation


Following a couple of successful trials and requests

I would like to welcome you to jump in to this ONLINE ACTIVATION MEDITATION in conjunction with the coming Blue Moon. 

Snuggle in the comfort of your own home, or bask under the stars or, be where ever you choose to be. Meditation reduces the busy mind and allows us to connect into our heart space. When I lead we connect to multidimensional energy, which can shift you into a place of purpose and activate your gifts. (If your heart/soul is ready) 

This Saturday, step into yourself and join a me on video call to dive into a vortex wisdom with people who have the same intention.

With a passion to take people into their sense of bliss, this spiritual roller coaster of growth has taught me so much it is my purpose to share with you.

It is a great time for us to put all of our inner work and realisations into perspective and action.

I will intuitively channel what comes through. Together we will receive everything that is required for you in the moment.

After the meditation there will be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss what is coming up for you, if a few people have a current challenge I can look into your energy (time dependant) there will be an opportunity to talk too and a chat box all the way through. 

Keep feeling into this crazy moon energy over the next few days What potential is this bringing up? 

Does this lead me closer to where I want to be? 

Is this nourishing me?


A TIME TO GET ABSOLUTELY CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE IN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS, bring a pad and pen as I will help you do this before we go in. 

SHOW UP either on video or audio only. You choose how much interaction you have. 

NEWBIE? You may turn on your video and microphone off and just listen.

The full moon is a perfect time to set your intentions and to acknowledge what is revealing itself to you. A perfect time to enable you to see more clearly than ever before. 

We will summon your mind body and soul into a zone of self-care, self-love, self-awareness and self- acceptance and feel your vibration rise.

ONE SHOULD TAKE HEED OF THE CURRENT ENERGIES, as the Scorpio influence is incredible at bringing the feeling of the female energy Femme Fatale and masculine energy Don Juan. This could make things happen that may have been lingering 

The Moon is opposing Mercury, so get ready to switch on and be aware of your motives and intentions, check in for miscommunication as chaos could ensue. 

Remember if you ride the waves of chaos and confusion as an observer this will create the ultimate clarity … Know that everything is temporary 

The Moon opposing Mercury also means that rational thinking and instincts can be harder to reach and that moods should swinging. Looking inwards and we learn to ask one self about our angst and assurances, Please do not project on others and tell them when they are projecting on you

This unrest promotes a theme of ‘every person for themselves’ whilst this energy is happening, and with sexual desires are said to be coming to the forefront, so anything is possible. Will you find your inner werewolf? 🙂 Are you going to allow those feelings to come through? Have you been holding back? Do you need to check in with boundaries, are they being crossed? Is your integrity intact? Do you want to stretch your boundaries and get rid of self limiting beliefs and try new experiences?



THE TECH WILL ALL BE IN PLACE ( as long as chaos does ensue) 

Once you register through our gateway:

We will send you our ingress email with a Zoom link to connect to our webinar.

The Zoom app works with google chrome but installing the app in advance does deliver a smoother experience. 

Please also accept the invitation we send via Google Calendar, we will send you a reminder before event along with other details

That full moon instant falls on May 18th UK 20:11 

So that is why I have reduced the fee from £22 to £20.11 

We will be in the zone at 100% Full Moon

Blue Moon Abundance Activation Meditation
May's 2019 Blue Moon


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