Summer Solstice -HIGH FEMININE

June 21st, 4pm UK time

A simple immersive blow your mind, kind of workshop…

This is an introduction to feeling  your way through resistance into radiance.

3 Delicious Layers of delving into The Shadow Self, 

4 Archetypes, Butterfly Patterning and 

Activating Your Highest Divine Feminine

As children we are like a sponge, unconsciously picking up survival techniques and behaviours that we see as normal in certain environments which may not be doing us good.

Knowing our shadow well gives us a sense of wholeness as we can work through it. Understanding Archetypes brings us into Sovereignty.

With this awareness, we get to choose so much more clearly about how we interact with others and life decisions.

Not knowing our shadow can keep us in a perpetual loop of misunderstanding and frustration.

Being in our Sovereignty means we are unbound and living a high vibe life.


An activation meditation on the
most energetically radiant day of the year.

In this 2.5 hour workshop with breakouts and tools to take away

+  Be guided to recognise the sneaky subtle shadow self and immature feminine in an instant

+  Become more in tune with your personal boundaries  for relationships, work and socially

+  Explore the Queen and Lover in you for tips on creating the best communication

+  Alchemise your shadow in aspects of your life in the Solstice Energy in deep Activation Meditation

+  Rise into your highest available frequency

Join us on the 21st

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