This membership is for those looking for spiritual growth, to experience heightened awareness, to create their change in the world, whilst developing both personally and in business.


Warm welcome to a wild and juicy ride- Sit back, relax, smile and enjoy the journey.

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The Luminous Collective

This is a space for mostly female, highly intuitive entrepreneurs, in business, or looking for more purpose. All are welcome. There is one common theme, a willingness to be inspired, create momentum and connect with others on the same trajectory of authentic radiance in every aspect of their life.  Conversely, when things are not so good, there is mutual support, which comes with courageous openness and is free of judgement  Membership is currently open once a month and later on in the year, it will be once a quarter. 


How it Happens

The unique creation of Luminous means twice a month you reach an activation space in the quantum field of all potentiality, accessible through deep meditation practice.  Previous meditation practice is not essential. Do you feel the pull to be here?

The more people in the space the stronger the shift.   There are two further live sessions,  one a serious yet fun INTUITION practice and secondly a MANIFESTATION hub for those that wish to increase awareness and change their reality. For those that looking for laser focus, and instant shifts in their personal or business there are extra tiers of membership, including access to 121 coaching with Gill Kirkham, and a highly focused MASTERMIND for creatives. The private group is full of bonuses to get your juices flowing. The members join in a private group full of resources, challenges and recordings to progress you in the aspects of their life that require it.

Founder Gill Kirkham

Clarity coach, space holder and gifted energy worker Gill, has 20 years in sales and marketing, and successful leader consultancy roles. Her absolute passion is to guide and match others their own zone of genius. Especially those that wish to empower others., connect to higher perspectives , clear unhelpful thoughts and patterns of behaviour, filling in missing pieces of the puzzle of their identity and helping them thrive in business and relationships. Gill began Luminous when the world reached the new order of awakening in March 2020 as she realised everything from now on is about precise communication, collaboration and connection


I joined the Luminous Collective because I love and admire Gill. Most of all, I love her bright and high vibe energy – she embodies Luminosity! Her meditations have brought up interesting images and visions; I don’t generally see visions so I felt that a new resource has been activated. I found one particular vision very affirming of the direction in which I am headed I would recommend to those seeking a fun high vibe community where it is safe to develop your spirituality.
The Luminous Activation Space is where you can find both positive social connection and spiritual development.
Yolanda Janeson​
I have had the biggest shift in my own personal development. The awareness I gained enabled me to dig deeper, "join the dots" and understand myself to a whole new level...something I have been trying to do most of my adult life.
Lynn Taylor
Wellness Coach
Luminous Collective
Simply Spectacular Guidance 

£44 Per Month
4 Live Sessions a Month
2 x Activation Meditations
1  x Intuition Practice
1 x Manifestation Hub
1 x Recording Shift Activity 
 Bonus Socials, Challenges, Accountability 
Private FB Group for community support 

Q & A and recorded resources for the chosen level of participation 

Mastermind Creators
Business Forward Focus 

£88 – Soon to Rise

Trial for creatives, change makers, artists, coaches, trainers, philanthropists, frankly anyone who is wanting to make something great or make a difference
Plus all the benefits of Luminous


Luminous Rise 

Transformation Healing and InSIGHT
A massively good value prospect as Gill becomes your personal/business coach for the whole time. 
Your Business and Relationships will thrive
Plus all the benefits of Luminous

Snapshot of Benefits

  • Feel how simple it is to reach ‘Bliss State’ your personal ‘Zone of Genius’ 
  • Learn a method that will help you realise your unique abilities, raise your vibration and awaken or deepen your inner healer
  • Have a group environment to bring fun, focus and freedom into your life 
  • Connect with others in a safe and expansive space
  • Enjoy life-changing activities, insights on what is holding you back, your inner voice and release the sense of not getting things right
  • Let go of unhealthy links to past relationships
  • You decide how deep you want to release the old patterns, behaviours and beliefs. 
  • Become clear on your next steps in what you want in life

Working with Gill and the Luminous Collective for the last four weeks has been a wonderful experience. Her abilities as an energy healer and perspectives as a clarity coach give me new focus on working with energy. Her guided meditations are amazing, and the exercises she offers are super helpful. She taught me to listen and to trust my intuition more. My confidence in myself is growing. I am so very grateful to be part of this wonderful group. And it is really fun going deep with this beautiful group of women. If you have never had the chance to work with an energy healer and clarity coach, give it a try. You'll love it!

Abundance is not about when you can achieve it, but how you feel right now!

Cleanse, heal then shift into love regardless of what happens around you.

Joy, Peace, Wealth, Happiness and Purpose are the intentions for the Luminous Activation Space

Comments after the first meditation:

“I was already feeling good today, but that elevated it to a whole new level, I feel calm, peaceful, grounded and powerful”

”I had amazing shockwaves as if blanket lightning. it was really powerful!”

”My left knee which has been hurting for a while, it’s heaps better.”

”I felt it was MEGA!! Totally loved it – So glad I tuned in to this. I felt an incredible lightness, no edges, a dissolving sensation. Saw colours of pink, green, golds and blue… and found myself drawing a peacock feather!!”

”This is the most powerful meditation I have ever done”

Join the Luminous Collective

£44 a month, with the option to add Mastermind or private coaching for deeper and faster activation.

What to expect

The moment you decide to participate, the Luminous Activations will begin.
Where intention goes energy flows

The Facebook Group is be the hub of all call links and activities.

If you have a particular issue, subject or question PM me or use the group.

You can join in on a live call, remotely or afterwards by listening to the recording.

The group will support each other in healing and transformation.

So that each month new people have an opportunity to settle in we are limit membership opening times to once a month 

Luminous Membership £44

4 Live calls a month and the community on Facebook to support each other, plus  access extra resources

Luminous Mastermind £88 Trial Offer (£144 from September)

Luminous Membership plus 

Enjoy 2 Live Mastermind calls and 1 private clarity call (25mn) on top of the membership. As an Early-bird, you get the first 3 months at a special rate of £88 (will go up to £144 after)

Luminous Rise £333 Massive Value and Personal Shifts

Luminous Membership

Plus a deep dive to rise with a monthly private coaching session and activation with personalised meditation to do for 21 days on top of the Mastermind 

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