June 21st 2019

Solstice Special Activation Day

Calling all galactic surfers or want to be's.


This is an invitation to a Summer Solstice day of activation.

Celebrate this special day by being completely in the zone of joy and exploration.

I would like to take 8 people on a journey this Solstice…

This is a private invitation or application ONLY event. I know the right people will find their way.

The day will be about spiritual upgrades and having fun with people on the same journey and knowings as us

Meet your tribe for the day at the most ancient stones in the UK. The Great Rollright Stones 15 minutes before sunrise to begin the day of celebration of the Solstice. so arrival at 4.30am to be in meditation at 4.40am for the sunrise at 4.46am 

Feel the rise of the Divine Feminine and the unchaining of the Divine Masculine, begin the activation process and feel the explosion of energies combining in the collective consciousness in that moment.  We are likely to be traversing the Shamanic pathways and connecting with the highest galactic dimensions available to us in a guided meditation and this will be the first chance to activate your gifts.

You have me to lead the day, and to help guide and support you are;one of my favourite yoga teachers Vicky O’Connor, a highly intuitive heart centred Divine lady pyschic Lynn Taylor each participant will receive a  deep healing massage Dimka Ivanovato close the day 

Elspeths Kitchen are providing the most delicious vegetation food and OMG a Mascapone cake to LIVE for at supper time  

You will be encouraged to digitally detox for the day, this is like a retreat. You will be in a bubble of you and the others in the group and this will be a pleasure to immerse in. 

about me
I’m Gill Kirkham, a highly intuitive, insightful and powerful energy coach who will help you ​move through chaos into clarity, have spiritual and intuitive upgrades and shift into new ways of feeling.

4.30 am Arrival at Rollrights

4.46 am Sunrise Multidimensional Activation Meditation 

5.30 am Gentle Yoga Class With Vicky O’Connor 

7.30am  Be seated in a beautiful for  a healthy breakfast 

Chill Time

9.00am Future self workshop to set intentions and get focused on you and purpose

10.00am Break

10.15am Intuition workshop to build up your conscious tool kit

12.00pm Lunch

2pm Arrival at Bellas Nap for 3rd Activation Meditation 

4.30pm Long slow supper in the conservatory

5.30pm One on one time readings and massage begins  

Lynn Taylor – Energy Reader 

Dimka Pavalova – Healing Massage

8pm Close or for those feeling active maybe one more trip to see the sun set somewhere and soak up the rays! 

This EVENT has SOLD OUT in 24 HOURS of going live - PLEASE be on the list for the next one!

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Identify your majority energy. We are all energy beings having a human experience let me help you know this deeper

Feel into your soul purpose

Travel the Shamanic pathways and be available for a star gate activation

Unlock your spiritual gifts and intuition.
Connect with people on the same wave length and potentially make friends for life.

Learn more tools and techniques to add to your conscious tool kit to support your personal development and self awareness

Have a greater understanding of your capabilities and knowingness

Fee On Application 

Breakfast, lunch, supper and refreshments
20 minute massage
20 minute private reading
2 mini workshops
3 Group guided activation meditation

All of these details are open to change as the day will take its own route but will go with the flow

An invitation or application only event

Venue Details On Application


Please fill in a form to be on the list for the next one 

Sara Hickman

Principle Trainer and Owner , Well Prepared Training

I chose to work with Gill because behind her calm and kind demeanour is a tenacious business focussed mind-set. This was exactly what I needed to help me grow and scale my own business. Since working with her in a short space of time I have moved three major areas forward and feel as though I am starting to get a grasp on what had previously been sitting at the back of my head, worrying me. Alongside the practical support, I have made use of Gill’s intuitive coaching and whilst I was initially uncertain it has definitely unlocked and removed a main personal barrier that was holding me back. I would recommend her without question.
Alice Baker

On Her Journey

After connecting with Gill the doors of my perception have been thrown wide open! Which is putting it mildly. Before working with Gill I was struggling with every aspect of my life I can honestly say that I am now excited about life and what I am going to create within it, which is something I never thought possible. I cannot recommend her highly enough. My whole reality has shifted since working with her. I am so grateful. She has the amazing ability to cut through what you think is your problem, getting to the root cause of the aspects you’re struggling with and address them with a whole new perspective but also a loving kindness. She is truly a human here to bring a whole new vibration to our planet. When working with Gill I was able to connect with much higher dimensional frequencies than I had been able to previously. I was able to truly connect with the light being energy that had only been on the outskirts of my awareness. This connection has altered my reality entirely and set in motion a series of events which I know is putting me straight on my souls purpose at turbo speed.
Marianne Trail

Working It All Out

Gill is a phenomenal and unique individual, who I found fascinating in the areas I explored because of her explanation, through her own experience. It is clear she has intense energy powers which I found incredibly healing and insightful which has opened up my mind to wonderful perception and opportunities and thoughts for the future. After the first session I felt very tingly and my mind was blown as Gill knew I had a black and red fish, and this was causing stress in my house, this very much clarified everything I felt to be true. I have noticed I am no longer picking up all sorts of peoples energy and I am in control of what I feel around people. I am attracting people that are creating benefit in my life and honing in on the reason they have been brought to me, even if small everything has a message of importance and is much more conscious. I no longer see coincidences and I am much freer around what people say Now I am more confident than ever and feel like a whole human, and feel spiritually connected and embrace it rather than question it…