February 1, 2020

Fearless female leaders

March 5th 2020

Fearless Female Leaders

Set in a beautiful country home in Gloucestershire.


ARE YOU READY TO STEP INTO INSPIRED COURAGEOUS ACTION? The Fearless Female Leader is a one-day evolutionary programme designed specifically to support women in business to feel authentic and empowered.
This innovative programme is for entrepreneurs and goes beyond leadership with an exciting, experiential journey where individuals can unlock their full potential increase performance both personally and within a business.

Key takeaways of the day will include:
• Personal Leadership – Mindset shifts that have enhanced the roles of global leaders across huge corporations be better more productive, profitable and happier
• Action and Accountability – Further perceptions and tools that will simplify, lock in consistent courageous action to help your business thrive
• Impact and Communication – Sales and marketing technique coupled with the vibration of language which will blow your mind
• Reconnecting with Creativity – The play that brings joy in reconnecting with your ‘Zone of Genius and Flow'.
• Scenario Planning – Tools and techniques to help you and your team (if you have one).
• Personal Growth Development Plan – Leave the day on a high, feeling inspired and ready for action

This programme is designed to weave core principles focused on focused growth, driving results and, creating a culture and mindset which will support the adaption into the new, for you your clients and your team.

These exciting principles will guide you towards an innovative and sustainable future, will banish business blocks and give you practical and simple tools which will create effortless business growth.

This Programme was born from Greatness!



Tanith Harding
Head of International Projects

Delivers leadership and empowerment programmes in over 30 different countries with Round Table Global. Tanith is truly passionate about unlocking potential in others and creating shifts in mindset. Working with a diverse mix of participants to include senior leaders, graduates and different cultures she has developed a real understanding of the human mind and how our perceptions and beliefs can affect our reality.

Gill Kirkham
Clarity Coach, Mentor and Facilitator

With 20 years of Sales and Marketing roles and 15 years of subconscious and superconscious work Gill inspires ultimate courageous action and performance and  whilst enabling clients to become truly happy with who they are in themselves and relationships Having implemented many successful programmes within SME’s and larger organisations Gill also offers bespoke coaching and mentoring packages for individuals which completely change their lives.

More about Round Table Global

AWARD WINNING GLOBAL SOLUTIONS organisation RoundTable Global is a training and development organisation with huge philanthropic reach. Their programmes provide limitless possibilities and work in partnership with global change makers. The Fearless Female Leader has been created in partnership with Gill Kirkham combing the different tools and techniques to give you an innovative programme designed specifically with female business leaders and entrepreneurs in mind.

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Places are limited to 20

Thursday March 5th Fee £140

Set in a beautiful country home in Gloucestershire.

The day will include vegetarian lunch and  morning and afternoon refreshments

8.30am start – expect to finish around 5.30pm

Fee £119 (limited time offer)

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Sara Hickman

Principle Trainer and Owner , Well Prepared Training

I chose to work with Gill because behind her calm and kind demeanour is a tenacious business focussed mind-set. This was exactly what I needed to help me grow and scale my own business. Since working with her in a short space of time I have moved three major areas forward and feel as though I am starting to get a grasp on what had previously been sitting at the back of my head, worrying me. Alongside the practical support, I have made use of Gill’s intuitive coaching and whilst I was initially uncertain it has definitely unlocked and removed a main personal barrier that was holding me back. I would recommend her without question.
Alice Baker

On Her Journey

After connecting with Gill the doors of my perception have been thrown wide open! Which is putting it mildly. Before working with Gill I was struggling with every aspect of my life I can honestly say that I am now excited about life and what I am going to create within it, which is something I never thought possible. I cannot recommend her highly enough. My whole reality has shifted since working with her. I am so grateful. She has the amazing ability to cut through what you think is your problem, getting to the root cause of the aspects you’re struggling with and address them with a whole new perspective but also a loving kindness. She is truly a human here to bring a whole new vibration to our planet. When working with Gill I was able to connect with much higher dimensional frequencies than I had been able to previously. I was able to truly connect with the light being energy that had only been on the outskirts of my awareness. This connection has altered my reality entirely and set in motion a series of events which I know is putting me straight on my souls purpose at turbo speed.
Marianne Trail

Working It All Out

Gill is a phenomenal and unique individual, who I found fascinating in the areas I explored because of her explanation, through her own experience. It is clear she has intense energy powers which I found incredibly healing and insightful which has opened up my mind to wonderful perception and opportunities and thoughts for the future. After the first session I felt very tingly and my mind was blown as Gill knew I had a black and red fish, and this was causing stress in my house, this very much clarified everything I felt to be true. I have noticed I am no longer picking up all sorts of peoples energy and I am in control of what I feel around people. I am attracting people that are creating benefit in my life and honing in on the reason they have been brought to me, even if small everything has a message of importance and is much more conscious. I no longer see coincidences and I am much freer around what people say Now I am more confident than ever and feel like a whole human, and feel spiritually connected and embrace it rather than question it...

Client Transformations

There has been a total shift in me. I feel at peace. Things are easy. Life is flowing. Less judgement of myself - so much less in fact!  More confidence, more clarity on where I am going in my life and with my business. Probably the best of all - no panic!

I realise I was panicking about everything; my business, my finances and the biggest fear of all; my love life and the engulfed with fear; ‘’No one wants me. What’s wrong with me? I hate men.’’

That’s gone. Boom. And I am just ‘being’. I didn’t really know what that meant before, but I guess it means just living in the moment and being secure that everything is ok, today, tomorrow and always.

Lynsey McDonald

Founder of Sculpt

Before I met Gill, I was successful in my own right, and now in just 3 sessions my business it literally booming, and I feel so much more empowered to go to the next level.

I have never had any kind of coaching before and was nervous. I can honestly say I am thriving, looking forward to the sessions and genuinely discovering things about myself which are turning my life around from the inside out.



She is insightful, but never judges. Gill makes what can be very challenging a journey of positive discovery that is enlightening and so helpful for future growth. I highly recommend.

Mark Bickerton


Before working with Gill I was struggling with every aspect of my life I can honestly say that I am now excited about life and what I am going to create within it, which is something I never thought possible. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Alice Baker


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