23rd to 30th November 2019

Business , Wellbeing Retreat

The Wellbeing and Clarity Retreat


Fun, and healthy adventure, whilst bringing clarity on your next steps

You will be exploring self-development and well- being whilst getting clarity on business, relationship or spiritual growth. Las Mimosas, Malaga, has a pool and is on the beach front. We have 16/18 spaces

Event for Soloprenuers and business owners, or start-ups that love self-development and meeting like minded

Transfers – You will be collected and returned to Malaga airport Saturday to Saturday

Accommodation – You will have your own private room or share, the apartments are all sea facing balcony and well equipped kitchen

Space – We have a indoor and outside facilities for sessions

Program – You have a week long program of Clarity sessions to choose from, yoga, energy activation meditations and valuable workshops to help you thrive in every aspect of your life

Relax – There will be plenty of time to relax the sea is there to swim in (yes in November) and a huge board walk that runs for miles along the coast line.

See the Sights – We will take you on two trips one into the mountains and one into the town!

Dolphins by Boat – You will take a trip to Bedalmadena to stay a shore and shop or visit the wild Dolphins

Focus – For the first part of the week to absorb, share and find solutions to challenges so the next year will be clear

Time – For the second part of the week you will be encouraged to digitally detox and unplug and will have some mini tasks to help you sink into your wellbeing and sense of peace

Connection – Make friends for life and learn and support each other

about me

I’m Gill Kirkham, a highly intuitive, insightful coach and mentor who will help you ​move through chaos into clarity, shift into new ways of feeling and transform your life into the one you are here to live


Once you arrive on November 23rd to the South coast of Spain, you will be shown to your apartment with the sea view and balcony.

Cala De Mijas is a short cab journey away so if you arrive early you can explore. The first supper is included as this is our welcome meet, you can socialise relax and get acquainted with16/18 and will inevitably have a great time.

The mission is for you to enjoy the whole experience and take away valuable insights, be in your and feel fitter, well and revitalised whilst achieving extreme clarity on your next steps in business, finance and relationships.

Spending time in a designed to spark new perspectives that help life flow with ease. Imagine the crisp sea air, an in-genius program and the opportunity to make friends for life. Your body mind and sense of purpose all coming to the forefront whilst you reengage from a place of calm and creativity away from the hustle of normal daily life.

The days will be full of valuable workshops, inspired content and tasks to get you incredibly clear, then a perfect tonic is time to relax and reflect with excursions to go sight see and have some lighthearted fun.

Everything is arranged and considered, not all food is included as there are so many options and you may want to travel about in the evenings.

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Fee £777

Sara Hickman

Principle Trainer and Owner , Well Prepared Training

I chose to work with Gill because behind her calm and kind demeanour is a tenacious business focussed mind-set. This was exactly what I needed to help me grow and scale my own business. Since working with her in a short space of time I have moved three major areas forward and feel as though I am starting to get a grasp on what had previously been sitting at the back of my head, worrying me. Alongside the practical support, I have made use of Gill’s intuitive coaching and whilst I was initially uncertain it has definitely unlocked and removed a main personal barrier that was holding me back. I would recommend her without question.
Alice Baker

On Her Journey

After connecting with Gill the doors of my perception have been thrown wide open! Which is putting it mildly. Before working with Gill I was struggling with every aspect of my life I can honestly say that I am now excited about life and what I am going to create within it, which is something I never thought possible. I cannot recommend her highly enough. My whole reality has shifted since working with her. I am so grateful. She has the amazing ability to cut through what you think is your problem, getting to the root cause of the aspects you’re struggling with and address them with a whole new perspective but also a loving kindness. She is truly a human here to bring a whole new vibration to our planet. When working with Gill I was able to connect with much higher dimensional frequencies than I had been able to previously. I was able to truly connect with the light being energy that had only been on the outskirts of my awareness. This connection has altered my reality entirely and set in motion a series of events which I know is putting me straight on my souls purpose at turbo speed.
Marianne Trail

Working It All Out

Gill is a phenomenal and unique individual, who I found fascinating in the areas I explored because of her explanation, through her own experience. It is clear she has intense energy powers which I found incredibly healing and insightful which has opened up my mind to wonderful perception and opportunities and thoughts for the future. After the first session I felt very tingly and my mind was blown as Gill knew I had a black and red fish, and this was causing stress in my house, this very much clarified everything I felt to be true. I have noticed I am no longer picking up all sorts of peoples energy and I am in control of what I feel around people. I am attracting people that are creating benefit in my life and honing in on the reason they have been brought to me, even if small everything has a message of importance and is much more conscious. I no longer see coincidences and I am much freer around what people say Now I am more confident than ever and feel like a whole human, and feel spiritually connected and embrace it rather than question it…