Intuitively developed for the health and well-being of my personal clients and friends.


Below you have access to 4 meditations that have helped shift many of my clients and I want to gift at least 1 to you.


Because I have a mission to help as many people as possible realise the benefits of being in their heart space and gaining absolute clarity.

I am gifting an activation meditation to you and would like you to be on the mailing list for exciting online and offline events 


So, why meditation with this kind of energetic shift?

See below… 

Enhance your meditation practice for clarity, confidence and connection.

Tune into your innate self-healing ability into good health for the mind and body

Activate personal gifts by reaching the bliss state and your ‘zone of genius’ to live a life on purpose.

I use ancient wisdom with a modern approach so that you benefit no matter what stage you are at of your journey of self-development.

Which meditation are you drawn to support you right now?

Past Relationship Release

Recorded Meditation

Do you need to let go of an ex or create space in a current relationship?  Use this meditation to help move on. Each time you listen another layer becomes apparent, or another attachment is released.  Untangle threads that no longer serve you, as this meditation is about the energetic chords created that no longer need to be there. You can even use your imagination to follow the process with a family member or friend and release old unhealthy connections  to either. Create space, move forward, let go completely!

The Perfect Tonic to Feeling Lonely

The Perfect Tonic for Feeling Lonely

Recorded Meditation

The perfect tonic for feeling lonely whether you are in a relationship or not. This meditation provides the opportunity to put yourself first. It introduces proven techniques of visualisation and imagination to bring you into a space and feeling of wholeness.  My words help you to tap into your sub-conscious and this is where the magic happens. 

Visualise Your Future

Recorded Meditation

Do you sometimes feel like a hamster on a wheel, are you  constantly treading water or living  in a life of chaos?  With my signature meditation, which I have named “I’m Light” you can begin the process of unravelling your thoughts and work towards your own space of personal bliss. Use my voice to help you visualise where you want to be in the future and to start the process of making it happen. Then find yourself in a state where clarity, calm and confidence preside.  to

Busy Mind, Sadness and Anxiety
Release the Stress in Minutes

Recorded Meditation

Literally release your physical, mental and emotional stress in minutes. One client suffered an emotional lump in her throat with anxiety for weeks. After 4 days of committing to this meditation (without distractions, watching TV at the same time etc) the lump just lifted as did  the feeling of being overwhelmed that prevented her from moving forward.  She had never meditated before and now has much greater control of her own emotions. 

I facilitate change and so do you... Intention directs energy flow

Meditation can be an absolute game-changer for those on a quest to feel better. If you have sadness, trauma or disruption in your life, or if you simply want to find a calmer you, then meditation can, if practised correctly, help you to cope. It does not stop there. Once you are ready to perform better in every aspect of your life and expand your self-awareness and intuition this practice takes you to that next level.  My intention with these meditations is to create clarity and space around you, to unlock your positive thoughts and energy, to become more aware and to help you build towards a more positive version of you.

The more you listen, the more you get used to going into those zones of consciousness, and the more the body and mind switch on to new ways of being.

All 4 meditations were created in moments of inspiration. Each time randomly waking super early and super-charged with emotions, either around client pain or my own. The emotion was so overwhelming that it was represented as a physical ache in my heart or tummy. Something had to happen! So,  I found music, pressed record and locked into those emotions and feelings into the emotions and began to talk. The words flowed and I found absolute zen. and had an innate knowingness that the days leading up to the meditations had sparked the experiences to create them. They are a gift I want to share.  Listen to one over and over again and measure the changes in you


The intention in these meditations activates the flow of energy in and around you to create clarity and space for the best v most positive version of you to flourish 

The more you listen, the more your get used to going into those zones of consciousness the more the body and mind switches on to new ways of being. The ideal feeling is to be in your conscious heart space with a sense of awareness 

These 4 meditations were all instinctively created in a moment of inspiration. Each time I randomly woke up super early with the relevant emotions. Sometimes around client pain or my own. The emotional ache in my heart or tummy was guiding me to go within and work with it.  SO I found music, pressed record and began feeling into the emotions and speaking. The words flowed through me and I immediately felt completely in zen and had an innate knowingness that the days leading up to the meditations had sparked the experiences to create them. They are a gift 

So these meditations are now given to people that come into my life and  in some cases they have been massive game changers for those on a quest to feel better, and importantly, become better at feeling.

All you need to do is to follow this list in this order

Remember it is not about being the best at meditation, it is about meditation helping you make the best of being you

Just be present an focus on the breathe, acknowledge the senses and see what happens

Do not battle with your thoughts just let them in and let them go as you focus back on the words until you begin to take your own journey


Choose one. Listen for a week. Then come back for the one

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